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The Spokane Valley is an area in Washington State that is famous for its cannabis industry. There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the regulation of this industry within the Spokane valley. There are many stores that are set up in the Spokane valley selling all types of cannabis and marijuana products. Some of the store owners are actually running their business out of their homes or apartments and are not licensed by the state to sell cannabis or marijuana products.

There are some cities that are starting to take a hard look at the cannabis industry and where it is going. In one case the city of Spokane recently held a hearing where they discussed issues with regards to marijuana and how it will be regulated. This hearing resulted in the business association of the city, throwing their support behind a proposed cannabis regulation bill. If the bill becomes law then pot shops will have to be licensed by the city in order to remain open.

This will be a great thing for the local economy as well as the overall economy of the state. There has been some negative press about the impact that legalizing marijuana will have on small businesses. Many small cities are struggling financially and the cannabis industry has been credited as a contributing factor to the poor economy. These stores sell an item that many people need each day such as fuel, clothing and groceries. This is a very unique type of business because the main business is not having anything to do with pot.

The main appeal to marijuana stores is that it is still illegal under federal law. Although most stores understand that people may become upset if it is finally legalized there is still a stigma attached to this type of business. It is important to recognize that there are many benefits to operating a cannabis store as opposed to other types of stores that do not sell cannabis. Although there may be some resistance from conservative voters in the U.S., it is a fact that cannabis sales are predicted to reach $2 billion in the next year.

The business is currently being regulated by Colorado’s Department of Revenue, which means that sales will be strictly taxed and regulation over the plant’s medicinal purposes is already in place. Since retail marijuana is still illegal on the state level, it is expected that only registered caregivers will be able to purchase marijuana legally. Patients will be able to grow their own marijuana plants at home but there is still a ban on selling it in stores. Despite this restriction there is still potential for cannabis and glass broccoli corn hybrid products to become popular. Due to the tax structure and the medicinal purposes behind the plant the potential is there.
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Even though there is currently no clear indication whether or not cannabis and glass broccoli corn will fly, it would be interesting to see how this type of hybrid will evolve. It is a new hybrid that could bring a lot to the table. There is also a possibility that the government will eventually legalize recreational marijuana. Until then we will have to deal with what we have. A natural alternative to prescription painkillers and an effective alternative to medical marijuana.